The big list of webmaster forums (I)


Webmasters, publishers, SEOers, freelancers, everybody needs to network. Whether you’re looking for a JV partner, a coder to fix a bug on the WordPress theme for that site you’re supposed to launch tomorrow, insight on Google’s latest Penguin escaping their zoo, or just to have some laughs with like-minded geeks, a forum is likely to do the trick. Here’s my insight on some of the big forums out there. I’ve been active in some of these over the years, and for others I’ll present you with some educated hearsay.

DigitalPoint Forums

Perfect place for a newbie to learn the babysteps of online marketing, administering a website, seo and what-not. That is, if you know how to ask a question and weed through the answers from self-proclaimed professionals.

The Buy/Sell/Trade Market is flooded by Indians who claim they can write magazine-quality content for $0.0001/word. They sometimes get hired by equally clueless buyers who, due to their poor grasp of common-sense English, praise their writing skills. But … every once in a while, you can find some diamonds in the rough, both sellers and buyers. I’ve got some pretty strong leads from DP over the years, so go ahead, give them a shot.


One of the few forums where the big fish hang out. Awesome people with awesome skills.

If you’re a noob, you should lurk around for a while before you make your first post. It’s not a beginners’ forum (even though they have a section for newbies, it’s not for questions like How do I build links to my website?). Membership costs $60ish per month, and worth every penny.

The marketplace has a listing fee ($40ish to $70ish per thread, depending on the type of product/service you’re offering). Before you start yanking about it, I’m telling you that a quality product or service will always sell on WF, and you will make your investment back tenfold.


For whatever reason, I never liked WaFo. It must be the sluggish design, or the fact that the marketplace is crammed with ebooks that have the same rehashed information from the late nineties: how to sell on Amazon, how to build an email list, how to become a trillionaire with Clickbank. Meh!


That’s it for today.

2 thoughts on “The big list of webmaster forums (I)

  1. Those are indeed some of the very best and biggest forums. Hoping to take mine to the same level some day, but top #3 is very hard to reach 🙂 WickedFire was full of “blue hat” strategies in the past – but a while since I have perused the forums.

    1. WickedFire looks kind of dead lately, since they introduced the monthly payment. But still they’re among the best forums in the industry.

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