Prologic Web Design SPAM. Don’t fall for it!

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A few days ago I created an email address for a new project I’m working on. It is used for a domain I just registered for a client. I logged on this evening to confirm an account registration and saw some emails in the spam folder. I was like whoa, there must be a false positive, no one knows this address, therefore no one will spam me. Guess again, there stood a shiny new email from a company I’ve never heard of, offering me a ‘hand made’ WordPress site.

Spam from Prologic Web Design

Two questions:

  1. What the fuck is a ‘hand made WordPress website’? ‘Hand made’ as opposed to ‘machine made’? Or ‘automatically made’?
  2. Why you no English? You have a toll-free US number, so I assume you’re a US-based company. Then write fucking English!

I got into the game and clicked the link. I was expecting some viruses, auto downloaders and the likes, but there stood a shitty landing page with even shittier English and a lousy CTA. To top it up, the LP is hosted on a free site.

The spammers’ site looks alright, if you’re not annoyed by a crapload of hovering ads that even Adblock Plus can’t kill.

I got to the Contact page, and everything got as clear as daylight: they’re fake. A company that brags to be “the leading website design & development company of UK & USA” cannot reside in a 715 sq ft rental.

Google doesn’t know much about them either.


The UK number is blacklisted. It allegedly has been used in eBay scams.

I’d bet my life that they’re not affiliated, as they claim to be, with 1PCS Ltd, a company that looks as real as real can be. I won’t even bother to check the rest.

Bonus: somebody tell these schmucks that their date/time script on the landing page is broken. Today isn’t March 1st.

Broken date script

And it looks like this isn’t their only spam campaign, and I’m not their only ‘victim’. A quick search brought me to this post.

In the end, here are the headers of the mail. Blacklist their domains and move on. Don’t do business with Prologic Web Design!

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