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If you’re starting out to sell on Fiverr, you’re likely to have a hard time getting your first customers. Given the plethora of scammers and clueless kids, seasoned buyers are likely to go with established providers. After all, this is why Fiverr introduced the Level 2 sellers badge.

However, there’s a (blackhat) workaround. You can exchange ratings with fellow marketers who, just like you, are having a hard time getting their first sales. Granted, it costs you $2.00 per rating, but this investment can turn into a goldmine over the long run.

Here’s how this goes:

  • You find a fellow marketer who is interested in trading reviews. Search for “fiverr exchange” on BlackhatWorld or comment here with your Skype ID.
  • You buy their gigs and they buy yours. 1:1 trade.
  • You wait for a few hours (maybe one day) before marking the job as completed. I know you’d like to get over with it as soon as possible, but completing the job immediately might raise some flags over the long run.
  • In the mean time, make sure you ask questions, as if you were a buyer genuinely interested in that gig.

Remember, it costs $6.00 to buy a $5.00 gig, and the seller gets $4.00. That’s a 33% commission but, again, it can turn out to be well worth it.

If you want to trade Fiverr reviews with me, feel free to comment here with your Skype ID (or email me at sebastian /at/ if you don’t want to make your ID public).

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