Choosing the web hosting company for low-traffic websites

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I keep bumping into questions from newbies about which hosting company they should choose. I mean, these guys have never owned a website in their lives, want to start one (usually a blog), have (barely) no clue about what they’re going to write, and yet they are fretting about which hosting provider to choose.

Let me put it straight: it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re not going to go with a host that is down 10% of the time, it doesn’t matter if you’re hosting on BlueHost, Godaddy, or a crappy $0.99 account from a reseller on DP. You are likely to get little to no traffic in the first few months, until you get the hang of writing proper content and driving visitors to your site, so any host will do. Don’t necessarily go with the most expensive package “just to be on the safe side”. Because you will be throwing money down the drain.

Pretty much the same goes with sites in your PBN. Unless you’re getting hundreds of daily uniques, just about any host will do. And frankly, if your PBNS gets massive traffic and you’re not hosting it on your main server and monetizing it, then the joke’s on you.

To wrap it up: if you’re only hosting one website and you don’t have a lot of experience with running one, then you don’t need:

  • trillions of gigabytes of bandwidth – you’re not going to use it;
  • trillions of gigabytes of storage space – you’re not going to use it either;
  • fancy addons like website builders – they’re useless anyway;
  • a hosting package that’s particularly optimized for WordPress – those are for sites with heavy traffic.


  • don’t compare plans from tens of hosting companies – go with the first one that doesn’t look like shit;
  • stop polluting forums with threads like “which is the best hosting company?”. DP is already full of crap;
  • once you have your site set up, don’t blog about how you found the perfect host. Nobody cares, move long!

This should save you some money and some time.

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