Giveaway: Free 1.50 EUR G2A coupon

Update:¬†Andrew Flint is the winner. Prize has been emailed. Enjoy! ūüôā

I received¬†a 1.5 EUR coupon for G2A. I’m not into gaming, I don’t need it, so I’m giving it away. Comment here if you’re interested. If there are more participants, I will use to pick the winner.

I will announce the winner and deliver the code by email on Sunday, March 12, at 10:30pm GMT+2.

Removing bad links

Background: I’m currently involved in a fairly large project about removing spammy links to some domains. Those links were created by some individuals who hacked thousands of websites (!) across the Internet and injected pages with links to a few websites that have the top ranks in an extremely popular niche, for topnotch keywords. Over the last month I contacted 2k+ of these websites and asked them to remove the links. Some of them did, most of them didn’t bother.

The reason why I’m writing this article is that I stumbled into this post from Matthew Woodward. His tutorial is full of insightful tips, and definitely recommended for anyone who is going through hell and back in an attempt to clear this kind of mess. I have some recommendations regarding how to contact webmasters.

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Fiverr Exchanges

If you’re starting out to sell on Fiverr, you’re likely to have a hard time getting your first customers. Given¬†the plethora of scammers and clueless kids, seasoned buyers are likely to go with established providers. After all, this is why Fiverr introduced the Level 2 sellers badge.

However, there’s a (blackhat) workaround. You can exchange ratings with fellow marketers who, just like you, are having a hard time getting their first sales. Granted, it costs you $2.00 per rating, but this investment can turn into a goldmine over the long run.

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Prologic Web Design SPAM. Don’t fall for it!

A few days ago I created an email address for a new project I’m working on. It is used for a domain I just registered for a client. I logged on this evening to confirm an account registration and saw some emails in the spam folder. I was like¬†whoa, there must be a false positive, no one knows this address, therefore no one will spam me.¬†Guess again, there stood a shiny new email from a company I’ve never heard of, offering me a¬†‘hand made’¬†WordPress site.

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The big list of webmaster forums (I)

Webmasters, publishers, SEOers, freelancers, everybody needs to network. Whether you’re looking for a JV partner, a coder to fix a bug on the WordPress theme for that site you’re supposed to launch tomorrow, insight on Google’s latest Penguin escaping their zoo, or just to have some laughs with like-minded geeks, a forum is likely to do the trick. Here’s my insight on some of the big forums out there. I’ve been active in some of these over the years, and for others I’ll present you with some educated hearsay.

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